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Insight Group is a prototype model making company, founded in 1995 and now located in Beacon, New York. As prototype model makers, we assist our clients in their marketing and sales efforts.

Manufacturing companies and industrial designers are always looking for better ways to reduce costs and accelerate production in order to compete in today's global market. Insight Group delivers to its clients creative vision from conceptual design through completed product, saving valuable time and money in every step of the development process.

Featured Prototype Models

American Eagle Outfitters

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Vince Camuto Fragrances

2014 General Electic
Turbine Engine Award

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Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative idea?

Insight Group works with entrepreneurs to bring their innovative concepts to reality. We value your business and your idea's and are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement at any time. Please give us a call at 914 447-5822 to discuss your next great idea.

Creative Highlights

And the 2014 CNN Hero of The Year is... Pen Farthing of Tiverton, England

Pen Farthing, a former Royal Marine Sergeant, who reunites soldiers with the stray dogs they befriend while serving in Afghanistan, was named the 2014 CNN Hero of the Year by Anderson Cooper at the eighth-annual CNN Heroes An All-Star Tribute.

Farthing’s nonprofit Nowzad Dogs, has helped nearly 700 soldiers from eight countries.

Insight Group, Inc. has produced the custom CNN awards for CNN's Heroes All Star Tribute since 2008. These awards are presented annually on their television special honoring "Everyday People Changing the World".

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Posted 12/5/2014


On October 29, 2014 Google Created A Crazy, Colorful Android Event Space For Its Biggest
Software Update Ever!

Insight Group Androids waiting patiently for their ride to the NYC Google Event!

Google hosted the event to showcase its new operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and its Nexus tablet and smartphone, TV streaming device, and smartwatches.  Google has called Lollipop its "largest, most ambitious" Android release yet.

Attendees were greeted by Google Androids of all shapes and sizes. Four Androids were created by Insight Group for the party adding to the playfulness of the entire event.

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Posted 11/3/2014


Industrial Design Prototype Model Making Solutions:

For designers who require scale prototype models to promote new products such as household items, cosmetic packaging, liquor bottles, corporate awards, displays and any new product concept that may find itself on store shelves, Insight Group model makers assist by prototyping your concept and meeting your expectations.

For engineers who require scale models to test the likely performance of a particular design at an early stage of development without incurring the full expense of a full-sized prototype, Insight Group assists with this important stage of development.

Through efficient project management we are able to serve any region in the world.

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